Wilderness Bonds- Completing the Super Slam as a Family

Written by:  Caden St. James My Dad has always had a passion for hunting and is a very skilled hunter. He has also accomplished a lot of hunting goals. However, there was one achievement he wanted very badly: the Super Slam. The Super Slam is taking all 29 native Big Game species in North America. … Read more

Wild Sheep Foundation Podcast | Blayne St. James

Wild Sheep Foundation Podcast | WSF President Gray Thorton talks with Blayne St. James from St. James Sporting Properties. Sheep Fever co-host Gray Thornton sits down with Blayne to talk hunting sheep, the NA 29, polar bear, and much more, including the essence of hunting and passing it on to future generations of hunters and … Read more

Unintentional Consequences of COVID-19

UNINTENTIONAL CONSEQUENCES OF COVID-19 By: Blayne St. James, Owner/Broker Licensed in: CO, KS, UT & NM First off I hope every person reading this article has not been too negatively affected by COVID 19! My family and I feel blessed to have pulled through these highly unfortunate serious of events relatively unscathed. It’s easy for … Read more

Looking for a Trophy Mule Deer Ranch?

LOOKING FOR A TROPHY MULE DEER RANCH? By: Blayne St. James, Owner/Broker Licensed in: CO, KS, UT & NM One of the requests we frequently receive is from prospective ranch buyers wanting properties with trophy caliber mule deer. If this is you, you’ll want a skilled ranch broker that understands big bucks, ranches, and how … Read more