Featured Property For Sale
  • K&M Ranch | Ludlow, CO | 3,087 Acres


  • The Little Horsehead Farm & Ranch | Eastland, UT | 6,100 Acres


  • Ridgeview Ranch | Aguilar, CO | 2,285 Acres


  • Cushman Creek Ranch | Montrose, CO | 635 Acres


  • Fish On Ranch | Centennial, WY | 507 Acres


  • Purgatoire River Ranch | Trinchera, CO | 6,944 Acres


  • McCoy Ranch | McCoy, CO | 1,056 Acres


Sporting Adventures

St. James Sporting Adventures was created to share the hunting and fishing knowledge from our brokers who are extreme outdoor enthusiasts and have in-depth knowledge in a variety of outdoor activities. We enjoy sharing our adventures, accomplishments and knowledge with others and realized this was the perfect platform to do so. Our broker contributors include award winning big game hunters, certified fly fishing instructors, champion duck callers, tournament winning walleye anglers, seminar speakers, published authors and individuals who have been on numerous hunting videos. There will be a diverse topics and tips covered throughout the year in our blog as well as our dedicated St. James Sporting Adventures YouTube Channel.