Shed Hunting In Colorado

Colorado is home to one of the largest Elk and Mule Deer populations in the world, and shed hunting for their antlers has become increasingly popular. The rules and regulations governing the collection of antlers are increasing as well, and changing.  In this article we’ll explore the current rules and regulations, and also explain some … Read more

Looking for a Trophy Mule Deer Ranch?

LOOKING FOR A TROPHY MULE DEER RANCH? By: Blayne St. James, Owner/Broker Licensed in: CO, KS, UT & NM One of the requests we frequently receive is from prospective ranch buyers wanting properties with trophy caliber mule deer. If this is you, you’ll want a skilled ranch broker that understands big bucks, ranches, and how … Read more

Attributes of a Ranch

Attributes of a Ranch

How the Highest Value of a Ranch has Shifted from Agricultural to Recreational By: Mike Callan Responsible Broker | WY  •  Designated Broker | ID  •  Broker Associate | CO  •  Broker | MT When choosing a ranch brokerage, it’s important to understand how the landscape of ranch sales is changing.  It wasn’t long ago … Read more