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Mike Callan
Mike Callan

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Mike Callan

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Mike has spent the last 14 years representing some of the most sought-after ranch and recreational properties in the Rocky Mountains. It takes years of experience, combined with a powerful marketing plan, to dutifully represent the owners of these beautiful ranches. Mike specializes in those properties that have water and mineral rights, high-end improvements, agricultural income, and/or trophy hunting and fishing opportunities. 

Mike's passion for the outdoors grew throughout his time growing up and guiding in Colorado. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Natural Resources from Colorado State University It wasn't long before he fulfilled a lifelong dream of working in Alaska where he spent four years as a manager and guide at Bristol Bay Lodge, one of Alaska's premier fly fishing lodges. Mike further broadened his reach in the outdoor industry covering a seven-state territory as a manufacturer's sales rep for some of the world's top fly-fishing companies, including; Sage Fly Rods, Ross Reels, Rio, Umpqua Feather Merchants, Tibor/Billy Pate Reels, Fishpond, Outcast Boats, Redington Tackle/Apparel, Renzetti Vises, Kaenon Sunglasses and Cloudveil Mountain/Angling Apparel.

Mike is a proud member of the "2% for Conservation" NPO and is committed to donating his time and money to various conservation-minded organizations, including; Wild Sheep Foundation/Life Member Trout Unlimited Pheasants Forever Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Indifly

Mike recently opened St. James Sporting Properties' Northern Rockies Office in May 2021. His experience, work ethic, and business sense provide the foundation for being one of the premier brokers in the West. Whether looking to purchase a dream property or have contemplated selling a ranch, Mike is committed to serving his client's long-term interests. 



Buyer - Stroud Farm
"Thank you for your great service in helping Arise acquire its new home. You were supportive, expert, timely, and fair-minded in every way. "
Seller - Runamuck Ranch
“Thanks a million for the follow up! Much appreciated … You have done a really, really great job marketing this for us! I appreciate that … even though it is a very small sale in the big scheme of things – you gave it first class treatment like you were selling a multi-million dollar ranch – I appreciate that! PS: I love seeing the pictures! That one bull is a nice one!”
Seller - Burns Park Ranch
“We feel that Mike Callan handled the sale of our real estate property in the way we wanted and he treated us like family. He was readily available to answer any questions that came up during the process. We highly recommend Mike Callan of St. James Properties for your buying and selling of real estate. He has the expertise and is a seasoned veteran in his work.”
Seller - Hidden Canyon Ranch
“Working with Mike Callan was working with the hybrid we always hope for: a consummate and knowledgeable professional who feels like an old friend. He unfailingly provided guidance on how to navigate the sale (especially contract translation, which was much appreciated!). We also immeasurably valued his prompt communication, whether it was returning a call / email, or updating us on the current status of the sale. Of note, even after we had sold our property for the asking price (another area he gave us much needed guidance), he called when the Covid outbreak hit to see if we were ok (Rob is an ER physician). Would work with Mike again in a heartbeat, or recommend him without reservation.”
Seller - Arapaho Creek Retreat
“Mike did a great job for me! He definitely went the extra mile to help sell my ranch. Mike is knowledgeable, responsive, and extremely professional. Thank you Mike!”
Buyer - Middle Earth Ranch
“Mike was excellent to work with. He went above and beyond to assist me on every level. It was a pleasure to work with him.”
David V.
Seller - Pyrite Retreat
“We chose Mike to represent us in the sale of our property at the recommendation of friends who had also used his expertise to sell their ranch. We had listed with other brokers, who unfortunately did not appreciate the intricacies of a sale of this nature. The property we sold was very special to us, and Mike understood that. He also had a particular interest in our location and knowledge of the area. His experience was very valuable to us in dealing with our buyers and he was able to remain professional, yet personable, throughout. We would not hesitate to recommend Mike to anyone looking for someone committed to providing his ultimate best in handling the sale of their property!”
Buyer - Cherokee Rim Ranch
"You guys are the best! You have been professional, attentive to all concerns presented, kept us in the loop on everything that developed, and advocated for our best interests. A stellar performance, Mike & Tyler! Many thanks!”
Seller - Double Spear Bar Ranch
“Mike Callan came into a unique and difficult situation when he took on the responsibility of marketing our property. He handled the entire situation with class and complete professionalism. He invested hours into researching easements and agreements associated with our property, so was able to answer prospective buyers' questions quickly and with ease. When both selling parties agreed to accept a very time sensitive offer, Mike's office staff covered his pre-committed absence with ease. When Mike got back, he seemed to not rest until everything was signed, dated, and finalized with the buyers, sellers, banks, and title company. I definitely attribute a successful, time-sensitive, remote closing to Mike's experience and professionalism. I have already highly recommended St. James Properties as a whole, and Mike Callan specifically, and will continue to do so.”


Mike Callan
Mike Callan
Mike Callan
Mike Callan
Mike Callan
Mike Callan
Mike Callan
Mike Callan
Mike Callan

Land for Sale by Mike Callan

Albany County, WY
THIS PROPERTY IS SOLD AND IS FOR REFERENCE PURPOSES ONLY.   Those who have been lucky enough to experience the Fish On Ranch firsthand all agree, Fish On Ranch is one of the best trout fisheries in the U.S. This impressive ranch is truly on...
507± Acres
Routt County, CO
THIS PROPERTY IS SOLD AND IS FOR REFERENCE PURPOSES ONLY.  Royal Spring Ranch offered the hard-to-find combination of luxury, solitude, beauty, and endless recreational opportunities. Encompassing over 1,388 acres (748 Deeded and 640 state-lease...
748± Acres
Albany County, WY
THIS PROPERTY IS SOLD AND IS FOR REFERENCE PURPOSES ONLY.   N. Laramie River Ranch was a rare opportunity, +/-5,733 deeded acres, plus another +/-4,587 leased acres, this expansive ranch had everything every classic Wyoming Ranch should: Wa...
5,733± Acres
Laramie County, WY
The Double Rocker Ranch is located in one of the most beautiful and underrated locations in the state of Wyoming.  The ranch consists of +/- 667 contiguous acres and is just a stone’s throw away from the Colorado state line.  The rare...
667± Acres
New Listing
Johnson County, WY
*NO SHOWINGS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE*  Andrus Draw Ranch is located near Kaycee, Wyoming and is an extremely functional and versatile property that offers live water, year-round grazing opportunities, easy access, and gorgeous views of the Bighorn ...
647± Acres
New Listing
Johnson County, WY
Welcome to The Havens at Sand Creek Ranch, an exclusive community in beautiful Buffalo, Wyoming!  This one-of-a-kind ranch community was meticulously designed to give each building lot an unobstructed view of the Bighorn Mountains.  Sand Cr...
1± Acres

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Keep it on the straight and narrow- the physics behind fly casting. You can spend a lot of money on a fly-fishing setup these days, like, A LOT of money; but none of that fancy equipment will equate to an effective fly cast if you don’t understand the physics of a fly cast, and apply it properly.  The goal behind a good fly cast is to transfer energy most effectively from the rod to the line, which carries the fly to exactly where (and how gently) you want it to land.  Many fly fisherman have a hard time making a long and/or accurate cast because the physics of their cast is working against them, trust me, I’ve seen it happen hundreds of times.  Physics has taught us that objects travels fastest and most accurately in a straight line.  The same holds true when it comes to the path of your fly and fly line.  Keeping that fly line on a straight plane parallel to the ground/water (Fig. 1) is key to transferring the energy from your fly rod effectively to your fly line.  The moment you allow the fly line to drop below that imaginary horizontal plane, (either on your forward cast or back cast) the energy is not transferred as efficiently to your fly line, and the effort required to keep that cast going becomes exponentially more difficult. Figure 1:  Keep the fly line as close to parallel to the ground/water as possible. If you haven’t heard it before, imagine a large clock facing your casting arm.  The starting and stopping points of your cast should be the 10 and 2 o’clock positions.  Doing so will automatically create that flat horizontal plane that you want your fly line to travel along.  Going outside of the 10 and 2 o’clock positions will allow your fly line to drop below that horizontal plane. Figure 2: The stopping points on your forward cast and backcast (10 and 2 o'clock respectively); and having loops the mirror each other on both sides of the cast. There are two things you can do to keep your fly line on that horizontal plane while casting; the first is to adjust the timing of your cast.  Timing adjustments take practice and a little bit of feel, but the idea is to wait until the fly line has fully unfolded in front of you without letting the fly line drop towards the ground once it unfolds, then begin your back cast (and vise-versa).  You will actually pause your cast for a brief moment at the 10 and 2 o’clock positions to allow your fly line to unfold.  The length of the pause will directly correlate to the amount line you are casting with (anywhere from tenths of second on short cast to over a full second on longer casts).  Second is to simply watch what your fly line is doing (or have someone else watch and provide you feedback).  Many fly fisherman forget that their head is on a swivel.  So while the forward cast may look okay (because they are observing it) the back cast may be a mess because they have no idea what that fly line is doing behind them.  A bad back cast can have no other result than a subpar forward cast, it plain physics.  Remember a good fly cast is symmetrical (Fig 2), so simply turn your head and watch your fly line on both ends of your cast (or have an observer watch your arm position, timing, and fly line travel, and provide you feedback as you make adjustments).  Observing both ends of your cast will help your hand-eye coordination and will allow you to see if your fly line is indeed unfolding nicely while still staying up on that imaginary plane.  As a side note, it’s also a good idea to just practice casting while looking behind you as many situations require an equally well place back cast as is the forward cast (e.g., a stream bank with high vegetation behind you). The third key to a good fly rod/fly line energy transfer (i.e., distance and accuracy) is how quickly, and at what point in your cast, you accelerate and decelerate the fly rod to store and release energy.  Let’s using driving a car as an example.  When at a stop, you slowly and steadily press your foot on the gas pedal to accelerate, the same holds true when you start to bring your cast forward; nice and steady (Fig 3). Figure 3:  Smooth acceleration at the onset of bringing your cast forward. Now here comes the most misunderstood part of a long and accurate fly cast.  In order to effectively transfer the energy stored in your fly rod during your forward cast, your stop, or deceleration, must be crisp and quick.  So, back to the car example again… slam on the brakes and anything unsecured in your back will immediately end up in your front seat due to momentum.  Translated to fly casting, instantly stop your fly rod at the 10 o’clock position so energy transfered to the fly line happens instantly,  and the fly line (and fly) will shoot forward as straight and as efficiently as possible.  Following these procedure is what creates tight loops traveling in a straight line, which equals a consistent, accurate and long cast that is so necessary when fly fishing.  Plus, an efficient transfer of energy from your fly rod means your arm is less tired and you can fish longer each day. Mike Callan is a licensed broker Colorado, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming, and is a former Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Fly Casting Instructor and fishing guide in Colorado & Alaska; and a manufactures sales representative for some of the finest fly-fishing companies in the world.  Mike can be reached at mike@sjsportingproperties.com or by phone 970.406.8335.
At St. James Sporting Properties, it is obvious that we work hard to promote the wildlife, fish, and various recreational opportunities that exist on every one of our ranch listings. What may not be quite as obvious is how aware and appreciative we are of the Agricultural roots that many of our ranch listings possess.  There is a historical misconception that a ranch is either an agricultural property or recreational property. Understandably, owners of these ranches can be solely focused (or even against) one or the other. This article will help show the benefits of aligning yourself with a brokerage like ours that can realize and maximize both of these vitally important ranch attributes. Realizing a Ranch’s Agriculture Value/Attributes AMERICA FIRST Agricultural production not only benefits the landowner, but it keeps America’s ranching and farming families alive and well. America’s need to be self-reliant has never been greater. Agricultural production is one of the main areas in which we Americans can largely be independent from the who is of the global supply chain. It’s important to remember the effect that maximizing the agricultural component of a property has on our country as a whole. INCOME It goes without saying that the ultimate goal of agricultural production is to make a profit. There are different lease options available that benefit both the landowner and the agricultural tenant. Whether it be a Cash Rent, Crop Share, Net Share, or a hybrid approach, ranch owners who are primarily focused on hunting or recreation may still reap the benefits from leasing the land to an agriculturally focused tenant. TAX BENEFITS Many of our western states/counties assess property taxes at a significantly lower rate if used for agricultural purposes. Even if a landowner gains a relatively small profit from the ranch’s agricultural production/income, the tax benefits of qualifying as an agricultural property are well worth it.  GRAZING/RECREATIONAL PERMITS It’s becoming more and more common to see a ranch represented with its “Total Acres”. This is because the ranch owner, in addition to their deeded land, may often possess grazing/recreational permits on adjoining public and/or private Land. Whether it be National Forest, BLM, State Land, or nearby private property, these permits help expand the ranch’s grazing potential and carrying capacity while, at the same time, lowering the chance for over-grazing of the deeded land. Some state and/or private leases offer an agricultural lease as well as a recreational lease. This help expands a ranch’s grazing and hunting area at a very minimal cost to the owner/tenant.  HABITAT ENHANCEMENT It’s worth pointing out that the majority of property enhancements created to help farming and livestock operations can also benefit wildlife (i.e., Stock Tanks, Irrigation, Grass/Hay, Crops, Tree Rows, Shelterbelts, Noxious Weed Control, Nutrient Supplements, Winter Feeding, Predator Management, and Erosion Control). The list goes on, but more often than not, ranches with agricultural components tend to attract and hold more wildlife.  Realizing a Ranch’s Recreational Value/Attributes INCOME In the same way an owner can lease their land to an agricultural tenant, a livestock/farming focused rancher can also lease their land out for recreational purposes. Again, one has various options to choose from depending on their situation. These may include: leasing the hunting/fishing rights to a licensed outfitter, booking private hunting/fishing clients on their own, accepting a trespass fee for hunters to travel through the ranch, or (in some states) selling hunting permits assigned to the ranch to 3rd parties. BIG GAME LANDOWNER TAGS In certain states, like Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Idaho, qualifying ranches may obtain big game landowner permits separate from the general public draw. In these states, those tags may be sold or gifted to a 3rd party hunter and provide an additional source of income for the ranch owner. While other states, like Wyoming, allow for big game landowner permits, they are only valid for use by the landowner’s immediate family. Still, that does add value to the ranch and can help separate properties that qualify for landowner tags from those that don’t. *Please refer to each state’s wildlife agency for more details. FISHERY & STREAMBED ENHANCEMENT There is no better way to add value to a property than to enhance the live water that’s on it. Improving the fishery and wetland habitat not only adds enjoyment, but value, for the landowner. Working with Fishery & Wildlife Specialists to maximize the ponds and rivers’ ability to hold fish, waterfowl, and water itself, is always money well spent, especially in the West! NATURAL BEAUTY John Muir once said “In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” There is value, be it economically, functionally, visually, or spiritually, in allowing a ranch to be what it has always been: A unique combination of water & winds, plants & animals, challenges & rewards, and peace & quiet. In an ever-growing world, the value of connecting with nature and the wild things that call it home has never been more important to future landowners FAMILY AND FRIENDS Most of us would agree that the time spent with our family and friends in the outdoors are some of the most memorable moments in our lives. At the end of the day, there is immeasurable value in having a piece of land to call your own. A place where family and friends can gather and explore. A place where a granddaughter’s first fish, or a grandfather’s last deer, is worth more than anything else money can buy. In conclusion, we understand the economic and intrinsic values that a ranch’s Agriculture and Recreational opportunities has to offer. Call the specialists at St. James Sporting Property today to see how we can bridge the gap between Ag & Rec in order to truly show everything this western land has to offer! Mike Callan is a Real Estate agent licensed in CO, ID, WY, MT.  He can be reached via email [mike@sjsportingproperties.com] and phone [970-406-8335].
NOW OPEN St. James Sporting Properties - Northern Rockies Office St. James Sporting Properties is excited to announce the opening of our new regional office in Buffalo, Wyoming. The Northern Rockies Office officially opened its doors in May 2021. Our second location will accommodate St. James Sporting Properties' continued growth and maintain our dedication to our clients, in addition to providing more accessibility to sporting properties throughout the Northern Rockies region! Broker, Mike Callan, will be leading the efforts in this area. He is licensed in Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado & soon to be Montana. Mike’s experience, work ethic, and business sense provides the foundation for being one of the premier brokers in the West. He believes that the most important part of his career is his dedication to his clients, as well as to our Rocky Mountain communities and their future. Mike is an avid outdoorsman and is a member of numerous non-profit and conservation organizations. Mike has spent the last 14 years representing some of the most sought-after ranch and recreational properties.  Years of experience, combined with a powerful marketing plan, allows Mike to dutifully represent the owners of these beautiful ranches. St. James Sporting Properties specializes in properties that have water and mineral rights, high-end improvements, agricultural income, and/or trophy hunting and fishing opportunities. Whether you are looking to purchase your dream property or have contemplated selling your ranch in the Northern Rockies, this is a great time to be in the sporting property market! Northern Rockies Office St. James Sporting Properties (307) 217-6090 37 N. Main Street Buffalo, Wyoming 82834 [maxbutton id="3" ]