Rarely do I endorse people or companies. My relationships are my equity and I respect my clients way too much to direct them towards anyone I don’t fully trust myself.  I’ve known Adam Bronson and Jason Carter for years and through our personal conversations, and interactions, it’s obvious the boys at Epic know their stuff! They run their business much like we do, putting a tremendous amount of value on relationships and not just transactions. You won’t find a better company to help assist you when it comes to booking a hunt, gear reviews, or applying for western big game tags.

Blayne St. James

Owner/Broker- St. James Sporting Properties



The application team at Epic Outdoors has over 20 years’ experience in applying clients for western big game. The consultants spend thousands of hours each year talking to big game biologists, hunting guides, and hunters across the West. These same consultants personalize each client’s hunting applications based on a variety of parameters specified by the client, such as trophy expectations, weapon preference and hunt dates. We are not an application service that throws all our clients in for the same unit. We hand pick each unit, based on what’s best for each client’s situation, or put them in for units they have specifically chosen.
The benefits of using our license application service include:

•    Don’t miss out on building points for species.
•    Never overlook a new state opportunity.
•    Have as much or as little input as you want in the application process.
•    Maximize draw potential—our team actively manages your points portfolio.
•    Save dozens of hours getting up to speed on yearly changes for each state.
•    Avoid the frustration of going through each state’s changing application process.
•    Once drawn, we offer start to finish guidance, including help with outfitter bookings, optics, gear suggestions etc.

Let us take care of your applications! Enrolling in our application service is easy. Remember your drawing odds are zero if you don’t apply or miss a deadline.

•    $50 per state for one species
•    $100 per state for two species or more
•    $750 for unlimited states and species

  • Also for families–  we will do kid’s (under 18) applications for a flat fee of $100 for unlimited applications

We are the best value in the industry. Guys switching from other services typically save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each year.

The process begins with an initial call or email to Epic Outdoors. In this initial call we briefly discuss states, hunting goals, etc. Then we will send you a copy of our license application forms. Once you receive these forms, you fill out the personal information and preferences, along with the states and species you are interested in hunting. At this time feel free to jot down any questions you may have about a state or a species. Once the form is complete, send it back to us.

When we receive your forms. One of our consultants will give you a call to fine-tune your strategy. During this call, we take the time to get to know you and understand your preferences. This helps us develop a personal strategy tailored to your individual hunting goals. We will also answer any questions you have about state application processes and application recommendations. With our service, you will get as much input as you would like in your strategy. Some clients know specific units, in certain states, they would like to be applied for, so we simply file their applications and make sure they are applied on time. Other clients have more general preferences or goals in mind and allow our consultants to pick units based on these goals. We take all of this into consideration and create an application strategy personalized for you.

After this call, we will move forward with your applications. However, if for any reason you want to make changes to your application strategy, you can call at any time and make adjustments to, or ask questions about, any applications that have not yet been completed.

Every October, we will send you a renewal packet. This packet will show all the state applications you were applied for the previous year and your current point totals in those states, along with any notes we have for specific state applications. During renewal time, October- January, we like to give you a call to discuss any changes that you may have for the upcoming seasons applications.

We keep this process as simple and as headache free as possible. We take pride in drawing our clients some of the most sought-after permits in the West, year after year. If you want the team with the most experience handling your applications this season, give us a call at 435-263-0777 or visit https://bit.ly/EpicLAform to download our sign-up form.