Due to overwhelming demand to help sell Hunting and Fishing Operations world-wide, we decided to proceed full-steam ahead.  Through our powerhouse Marketing systems we reach millions of people that have an interest in hunting and fishing through a diverse and strategic Marketing plan.  As interested parties inquire about the sale of the Operations we pass those along directly to the designated contact person.  We Market the sale through a flat fee; there is no commission, no licensing, no international tax implications.

There are 2 Marketing options we provide to best fit the needs of each Hunting and Fishing Operation.


  • Operation listed on St. James Sporting Properties Website
  • Map Editing
  • Description Editing
  • Brochure Design
  • 2 page spread in annual Print Magazine (10,000+ copies)
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Email Newsletter Promotion


  • Everything included in Tier B plus:
  • 2-page spread in Digital Magazine (2.5M Distribution)


  • Video Design and Editing
  • Exclusive Email Newsletter Blast
  • 4-page speed in Print and Digital Magazine
  • Exclusive promotion with a specific Strategic Partner

We’d love to discuss your operation, your plans, and talk through ideas.  You can reach us via email (info@sjsportingproperties.com) or call us directly (855.711.7577).