Christmas Tree Ranch

Christmas Tree Ranch

Moffat County Colorado
Christmas Tree Ranch
ID: 55756
Status: New Listing
Price: $6,000,000
Acres: 2,273±
Price Per Acre: $2,640
City, State: Dinosaur, Colorado
County: Moffat County
ZIP Code: 81633
Presented By: Jeff Masterson

Property Description

Operating as a renowned Elk and Mule Deer hunting outfit over the past decade, the Christmas Tree Ranch is nothing short of what the area is known for, a Big Game hunting destination. With a proven track record of success from archery through late rifle season, along with an impressive 2,273± deeded acres and direct access to bordering BLM lands, the property is well situated to carry on as a high-class legacy hunting ranch.  Unit 11 is known for its Big Game densities along with a healthy trophy potential for both Elk and Mule Deer. The area has been known to house the largest migratory Elk herd in the world, however, over the years many Elk have made permanent residence on some of the larger private ranches in the area, like this one, especially older and bigger bulls. The unit has high success rates to draw Elk licenses, along with Over-The-Counter (OTC) options for Archery, and 2nd and 3rd Rifle seasons.  With a high population of Mule Deer, bigger bucks are harvested in the area every year. Mule Deer licenses can be drawn nearly every year for any season, and the property qualifies for the Landowner Preference Program to receive multiple Mule Deer (and Pronghorn) tags annually. 

Lying North of the town of Meeker, CO and South of Highway 40 amongst the largest Elk and Mule Deer herds in the world, it offers ample opportunities for Big Game hunters.  There are 4 main canyon systems that are composed of many drainages, draws, and bluffs that are flanked by valley floors with 100’s of acres of well-maintained alfalfa fields. The upper elevations of the ranch consist of rolling ridgelines of thick pinons, junipers, oak brush, and scrub brush; all great locations to spot or shoot Elk and Mule Deer from.  The lower elevations are covered in sagebrush and grasses, and provide the larger water sources the wildlife need to remain on the property.  Additional vegetation cover is immense throughout the many drainages that are heavily covered with bitterbrush, serviceberry and some timber. Water is of no shortage here with 4 year-round ponds and several springs along with a high producing solar well. Several scattered spring fed water tanks and seasonal wallows add to the available water resources.  A system of very well-built roads throughout provides ease of access that reaches the entirety of the ranch. Dozens of strategically placed hunting blinds provide vantage points over many of the highly traveled corridors and habitable areas.

Sharing almost the entirety of its borders with BLM lands that provide minimal access to the public, the ranch has direct access (and limited exclusive access) to additional public land and hunting opportunities. Location, size, water, food sources, road systems, blinds, farm management, and direct public land access all add to the appeal and success that the Christmas Tree Ranch continues to provide year in and year out.

  • 2,273 +/- deeded acres
  • Borders 1,000’s of acres of BLM
  • Hunting for Elk, Mule Deer, Black Bear, Mountain Lion, and Turkey
  • OTC licenses for Elk
  • Property qualifies for LPP (receives annual Mule Deer and Pronghorn vouchers)
  • Proven hunting success for Big Game
  • Alfalfa fields attract Big Game year round
  • Lots of water (4 ponds, springs, and 1 high producing well)
  • Hunting blinds installed in great vantage points
  • Road systems and ATV trails
  • Ample Big Game habitat (food, cover, and water)
  • Private & secluded


  • GMU: 11
  • Big Game Species: Elk, Mule Deer, Pronghorn, Black Bear, Mountain Lion
  • Turkey, and small game


The Christmas Tree Ranch, located in the Northwest corner of Colorado, is nestled in Unit 11, home to the White River Elk herd, the largest in the world. The property holds Elk activity year-round and is perfectly positioned in a transition zone between the Elk's winter and summer ranges, so it hosts larger migrating groups in the fall and winter. The landscape is an Elk hunter's dream, featuring canyons, high ridges, thick brush, timber, steep north-facing slopes, and reliable water sources.  Several maintained alfalfa fields, improved water systems, and strategic farm and road management have transformed this into a highly successful and manageable hunting haven. Archery hunters can stake out near water tanks, wallows, and springs, and there have been P&Y caliber bulls on the property during September.  Rifle hunters benefit from well-placed blinds, and the ranch’s natural cover and corridors are perfect for spot and stalk, with the potential to see B&C class bulls.  Resident and non-resident archery licenses are available OTC, as are 2nd and 3rd rifle season licenses, though limited to Private-Land-Only (PLO).  Alternative seasons licenses can typically be drawn every year or every other. The ranch also offers a highly desirable late-season B-List Cow hunt throughout December, making it a prime destination for Elk hunters.

Elk Seasons Dates and Draw Odds:

  • Archery Either Sex (Sep 2 - Sep 30, 2024)

    • Over-the-Counter – Unit Wide

  • Muzzleloader Bull (Sep 14 - Sep 22, 2024)

    • Resident 0-1 pts
    • Non-Res 1-2 pts

  • 1st Rifle Bull (Oct 12 - Oct 16, 2024)

    • Resident 0 pts
    • Non-Res 0 pts

  • 2nd Rifle Bull (Oct 26 - Nov 3, 2024)

    • Over-the-Counter – Private Land Only
    • Unit Wide Draw Results - TBD

  • 3rd Rifle Bull (Nov 9 - Nov 15, 2024)

    • Over-the-Counter – Private Land Only
    • Unit Wide Draw Results - TBD

  • 4th Rifle Bull (Oct 12 - Oct 16, 2024) 

    • Resident 0 pts
    • Non-Res 0 pts

  • Late Season Cow Rifle (Dec 1 – Dec 31, 2024)

    • B-List


The Christmas Tree Ranch is an ultimate destination for Mule Deer hunters, offering a high quality experience amid one of Colorado's top Mule Deer herds, the White River Herd. With a high population of Mule Deer, this ranch has consistently yielded impressive bucks year after year. The diversity of the habitat makes Mule Deer hunting here a true adventure. During archery and muzzleloader seasons, staking out in the shade of thick brush near water sources and alfalfa fields is a great method to catch up with velvet and hard horned bucks (some of which may be P&Y class bucks). As the seasons progress and the rut kicks in, Mule Deer migrate through the ranch, presenting thrilling opportunities for spotting and stalking big bucks across expansive sagebrush hillsides, aak Brush draws, pine covered ridges, and grassy meadows. When the 4th Rifle Season arrives, the rut action intensifies and success rates have typically increased.  Longer distance shooting from numerous vantage points overlooking the ranch has been productive, as bucks in rut become more visible and active. License opportunities are abundant, with most seasons requiring zero points for residents and minimal points for non-residents.   The property qualifies for the Landowner Preference Program (LPP) and has received up to three Mule Deer Rifle vouchers per year in the past.  The property has also been able acquire additional leftover LPP vouchers for archery in the past. These vouchers can also be sold or transferred. 

Mule Deer Seasons and Draw Odds

  • Archery Buck (Sep 2 - Sep 30, 2024)

    • Resident 0-1 pts
    • Non-Res 0-1 pts

  • Muzzleloader Buck (Sep 14 - Sep 22, 2024)

    • Resident 0-1 pts
    • Non-Res 0-1 pts

  • 2nd Rifle Buck (Oct 26 - Nov 3, 2024)

    • Resident 0-1 pts
    • Non-Res 2-3 pts

  • 3rd Rifle Buck (Nov 9 - Nov 15, 2024)

    • Resident 0-1 pts
    • Non-Res 2-3 pts

  • 4th Rifle Buck (Oct 12 - Oct 16, 2024) 

    • Resident 1-2 pts
    • Non-Res 5-6 pts


While Pronghorn may not match the Elk and Mule Deer numbers in the area, they are still plentiful, and Unit 11 boasts some of the highest success rates in the state, especially on private land. The lower valley fields and water sources are prime territories for Pronghorn. Positioning near a water tank during archery season or flanking an alfalfa field during rifle season can present countless opportunities for a successful hunt. Securing a license in the draw can be challenging, but the ranch's eligibility for LPP Pronghorn vouchers annually makes it invaluable, offering an edge in experiencing these exhilarating hunts. 

Pronghorn Seasons and Draw Odds

  • Archery Buck (Aug 15 - Sep 20, 2024)

    • Residents 13 pts
    • Non-Res 11 pts

  • Muzzleloader Buck (Sep 21 - Sep 29, 2024)

    • Resident 7 pts
    • Non-Res 7 pts

  • Rifle Buck (Oct 5 - Oct 13, 2024) 

    • Resident 18 pts
    • Non-Res 23 pts


  • Archery (Sep 2 - Sep 30, 2024)

    • Residents 0 pts
    • Non-Res 0 pts

  • Muzzleloader (Sep 14 - Sep 22, 2024)

    • Resident 0 pts
    • Non-Res 0 pts

  • Rifle 1 (Sep 2 - Sep 30, 2024) 

    • Resident 0 pts
    • Non-Res 0 pts

  • Rifle 2 (Oct 12 – Oct 16, Oct 26 – Nov 3, Nov 9 – Nov 15, Nov 20 – Nov 24, 2024) 

    • Resident 0 pts
    • Non-Res 0 pts


  • Nov 25, 2024 – Mar 31, 2025
  • Unit/Area Harvest Limit: 91


  • Coyote, Turkey, Quail, Rabbit, Bobcat, Squirrel, etc.

Managed specifically for wildlife production

Trifecta  of Wildlife Habitat (Food, water, cover)

Direct access to 1,000’s of BLM acres that are very difficult-to-access by the public.  Some of the BLM access is exclusive to Christmas Tree Ranch and only a few other neighboring ranches.

Private and Secluded


  • Deep canyons and drainages
  • Dense brush and timber ridges
  • Open meadows in the valleys
  • Both steep and gradual slopes
  • Many draws and gullies
  • Sagebrush valleys and hillsides
  • High vantage points
  • Alfalfa fields in the valley
  • 6,500’ – 7,700’ elevation on property
  • Oak Brush, Pinons/Junipers, Bitterbrush, Serviceberry, Pockets of Aspens and Pine


  • Year-round recreational activities
  • Hunting on public land, camping, ATVing, Off-roading, snowmobiling, horseback riding
  • Fishing

    • Rio Blanco Lake State Wildlife – White River fishing access
    • Yampa River BLM Access
    • Kenny Reservoir 

  • Moffat County consists of nearly 2+ million acres of Public Lands


  • 1 active well (solar) that supports several water tanks
  • 4 year-round ponds
  • Several active springs
  • Several spring fed water tanks
  • Several water troughs
  • Several wallows


  • No power on property – suitable for solar


  • Many potential building locations


  • Hunting Landowner License Vouchers
  • Hunting Leasing & Outfitting
  • Farming
  • Cattle grazing
  • Camping access


  • Easy access off County Road 57 during spring, summer and fall (late winter access can vary (frontage road not winter maintained)


  • Moffat County offers a lifestyle that celebrates nature, community, and heritage through the following:
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Ranching & agriculture
  • Tight-Knit community
  • Small town charm
  • Strong western heritage
  • Quiet & peaceful


  • Meeker, CO: 40 miles (small town amenities and attractions)

    • Meat Processors, Taxidermists, Outfitters
    • Regional Airport
    • Hospital
    • Golf Course

  • Craig, CO: 50 miles (small town amenities and attractions)

    • Meat Processors, Taxidermists, Outfitters
    • Regional Airport
    • Hospital
    • Golf Course

  • Rifle, CO: 65 miles (small town amenities and attractions)

    • Regional Airport
    • Golf Courses

  • Steamboat Springs, CO: 90 miles (luxury ski resort town)

    • Ski Resort
    • Dining/Shopping
    • Golf Courses
    • Hospital
    • Regional Airport

  • Grand Junction, CO: 130 miles (big city amenities and attractions)

    • Airport
    • Golf Courses
    • Shopping/Dining

  • Denver, CO: 250 miles (big city amenities and attractions)

    • International Airport

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