Dominic Serna

Associate Broker

Dominic Serna has spent most of his entrepreneurial journey in Northern New Mexico. As a native of the area, he’s found such beauty in Angel Fire and the rest of the Enchanted Circle that it’s inspired him to grow multiple businesses in the region — real estate investments, ranch management, hospitality, and the outfitting of big game hunts.

Serna has successfully embarked on some of the world’s most extreme hunts including his latest, the Humi Agali (Marco Polo) and mid-Asian Ibex in Kyrgyzstan. However, his ultimate passion is to help create amazing memories for his clients – via real estate — through recreation on some of the most pristine ranches in the western region of the United States.

During his travels, Serna networks with other hunting professionals through trade shows, banquets, and conferences. He connects his real estate expertise and hunt opportunities with like-minded business people around the world.

“New Mexico is a diverse state with beauty in all types of terrain, habitat and wildlife!  Ask me, I will show you some of the most phenomenal places to hunt, live and see.” – Dominic Serna