Sara Brandenburg

Broker Associate CO

Sara Brandenburg grew up in a family who wanted sons, primarily to take them hunting and fishing. The sweet Lord knew it best fitted as giving the Brandenburgs two girls who were raised like boys. That being said, Sara was raised in the outdoors and was introduced to hunting and fishing at the tender age of three years old.

Sara completed her Grand Slam of North American Wild Sheep at 15, becoming the youngest woman. Her quest of pursuing wild sheep lead her to go after the Super 10, which she then completed at 18 becoming the youngest person. Her travels and sketchy, how did I get myself into this, sometimes near death adventures, found her applying for SCI and Cabela’s Youth Hunter of the Year award which she won in 2012, sharing her stories and spreading her message of getting more people involved in the outdoors, particularly the younger generation.

You could say she got bit by the hunting bug after a few trips. Hunting has had such an influence on her she’s made it her life goal to share her story and influencing all generations on how and why conservation is so significant. In doing so, her travels have included some truly hair raising places like Azerbaijan, Russia, Spain, Africa, New Zealand and much more. Throughout her travels, she’s come to appreciate the United States and how important our freedom really is.

Sara has a true passion for adventure in the outdoors, particularly the more challenging the better. From spike camps in blizzards, scaling cliffs with rickety ropes,  to those long enduring, 42 mile hikes-lungs about to burst, legs trembling, heart thumping so hard you can feel it in your ears kind of pack outs. It’s better to come out with a heavier pack than a lighter one!

Hunting has shaped Sara’s life, she is pursuing a career to help other’s reap the benefits of conservation in attaining their dream properties and helping the future generations to come. With a vast and extensive knowledge of trophy hunting, Sara uses the same drive that she does on hunting quests and works tiresly with her clients to find them the perfect trophy property. She will go the extra mile!