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St. James Sporting Adventures

We just wrapped up our annual SJSP Broker Meeting, and it was a blast (almost literally)!  We had brokers come from Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, and Oregon to participate in meetings and team building.  We had our meeting and meal at Liberty Firearm Institute in Northern Colorado.  If you haven’t visited this facility, do yourself a favor and make the trip.  This is a one of a kind shooting facility with a multitude of ranges, meeting rooms, and huge shooting/archery store.  First class all the way! Throughout our meetings, we discussed how to effectively sell in our expanding territories, internal file and client management, regional markets and the intangibles of being the best brokers we can be in the field.  Afterward, we rented a variety of firearms and had some friendly competition on the shooting range.  Perhaps the highlight of the event was everyone cranking the handle of a .45 caliber Gatling Gun!  We wrapped up the… Read More »

 My passion for hunting North American big game has taken me to some of the most remote places on the continent. Not many people head to the Sonoran Desert chasing trophy mule deer in Mexico, or hunt from Alaska to Newfoundland in pursuit of harvesting the 5 species of caribou. To me, traveling to these remote locations is almost as much of a thrill as the actual hunt. Exploring the coastline of Unalakleet, AK, I found a mastodon molar and walrus ivory that washed up to the shore; later that same week I found myself eating Eskimo salad made of bowhead and beluga whale, herring eggs and bearded seal. The more unique the experience, the more priceless the memory. Hunting grizzly with the proverbial stick and string in Unalakleet was just that – priceless! I’ve always had a passion for adventure which is exactly why I chose to book a… Read More »

Returning home to Kansas from a successful Colorado archery elk hunt put me in high spirits. As I unpacked all of the hard earned meat that my 5×5 bull elk had yielded, my mind retraced every step of my adventure in the mountains. My thoughts then clouded over with new excitement of the upcoming season that would soon take place in my home state.Kansas archery season had arrived. September 14, 2015 was here with temperatures reaching into the lower 90’s for the high and 20 mph winds. These warmer conditions were far less than ideal. My obsession to hunt was eating at me, but I would not be battling the hot Kansas heat quite yet. I would hold back my temptation and wait on a cooler day to kick off my whitetail hunt. Besides, I still had a mule deer tag to fill. I took care of a few things… Read More »

Four thousand vertical feet and there he was, bedded across the canyon, facing us directly. Time was not on our side, and at nearly .5 mile away, we had our work cut out for us. With fading light and much ground to cover it was decision time: leave the old ram and come back in the morning to trudge up through the cactus and sharp rocks, or climb towards the rocky peak in hopes of sneaking down on top of the old boy in his bed.  I’ve been accused of many things in my life but being a passive hunter has never been one of them. It was go time baby! As we hiked up the ridge the wind began to howl. By the time we finally crested the peak, the wind gusts were in excess of 50 MPH! I’ve hunted in windy conditions before but nothing quite like this!… Read More »

Over the years I began to formulate a strategy to hunt as many new big game species as time and finances would allow. Form me; I didn’t care about hunting animals like polar bears were I wouldn’t be permitted to import the hide back to the US. Instead, I made two lists.  The first list had all the North American big game species I could legally hunt and import back to the US without the services of a professional guide or outfitter. Some of these animals included mule deer, desert bighorn sheep, elk and so on. The Second list were all the animals I could not legally or easily hunt without the service of an outfitter or guide. Some of these animals would include brown bear, dall sheep, stone sheep and the focus of this story, woodland caribou. My hunting strategy is simple, pay attention to which hunts in the… Read More »

One wrong turn in early July brought me face to face with a buck that would haunt me the rest of the summer and into the early fall. His body was enormous as he stood feeding, dwarfing the buck next to him. Even with the deer in their full red summer coats, his face was nearly all white. The sway of his back and massive potbelly were all signs this relic didn’t have too many more miles left on his old body. His antler bases were considerably large and he carried his mass really well. The big mystery that drove me crazy was trying to guess what kind of antlers he would produce? This early in the summer you can tell which deer are mature, but there’s no way of knowing exactly what their headgear will develop in to. Living almost 5 hours away I didn’t have time to scout… Read More »

What is the most dangerous big game hunt in North America? I bet if you asked 10 people, at least 80% of them would say grizzly or brown bear. If you really wanted to make things interesting, add a bow to the equation and now you’ve really upped the ante. On a recent trip to Alaska I booked an archery dall sheep hunt as my primary target specie with the opportunity to hunt other animals on a trophy fee basis. But as most hunts in Alaska incur bad weather, my sheep hunt was no exception. Alaska’s infamous cloudy, wet, cold weather churned up and down the valley floor like it was stuck in a washing machine cycle for several days making it virtual impossible to locate any rams on the peaks and ridges above. Luckily my guide, Scott McRae of Alaska Summit Guide Services convinced me to purchase a brown… Read More »

For all you avid sheep hunters out there we thought we’d share the good news. Blayne St. James just drew his third consecutive sheep tag! This is the last specie of sheep Blayne needs to complete his “Grand Slam of North American Sheep”.  Good luck Blayne, no pressure! NM Desert Sheep 2012 UT Desert Sheep 2013