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St. James Sporting Adventures
SJSP Annual Broker Meeting

We just wrapped up our annual SJSP Broker Meeting, and it was a blast (almost literally)!  We had brokers come from Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, and Oregon to participate in meetings and team building.  We had our meeting and meal at Liberty Firearm Institute in Northern Colorado.  If you haven’t visited this facility, do yourself a favor and make the trip.  This is a one of a kind shooting facility with a multitude of ranges, meeting rooms, and huge shooting/archery store.  First class all the way!

Throughout our meetings, we discussed how to effectively sell in our expanding territories, internal file and client management, regional markets and the intangibles of being the best brokers we can be in the field.  Afterward, we rented a variety of firearms and had some friendly competition on the shooting range.  Perhaps the highlight of the event was everyone cranking the handle of a .45 caliber Gatling Gun!  We wrapped up the day with a catered BBQ dinner in their Executive Suite.

This was an amazing opportunity for all our brokers to shake hands, trade experiences, and strengthen the bonds that make our brokerage so unique.  If you’re an experienced broker and looking to join our Sporting Properties / Ranch Real Estate team, give us a call or shoot us an email.

Till next year, shoot straight!