Casey Mayer

Associate Broker

Casey is a sixth generation native New Mexican. Having grown up on her family ranch in Northern Catron County, Casey began building her cow herd at a very young age and continues to do so today, maintaining her focus on quality and productivity. The ranch is very remote where fun for a young girl included spending fall evenings browsing through Native American sites and calling in elk for fun. That “game” was repeated endlessly when Casey joined her mom who sold ranch real estate for many years. Casey spent many hours combing over large working cattle and hunting ranches with her mom, calling and photographing elk and mule deer, assessing range and habitat conditions, photographing the highlights and beauty while also identifying areas of potential improvement.

Casey enjoys photography, bow hunting, hiking, and traveling. Another passion of Casey’s is minerals. Now living near Silver City, New Mexico with her husband a daughter, precious mineral production is still in full swing. When she first moved to the area at the age of 16, Casey was intrigued by the enormous mines and equipment, and as soon as she turned 18, Casey worked for Freeport McMoRan driving a 300-ton haul truck. She was the youngest female truck driver at the mine.

More so, however, Casey is passionate about the preservation of the lifestyle that she grew up in and knows so well. She is committed to understanding he goals of both buyers and sellers and working hard to help them meet their goals.